Please note all American & German Holidays in which we will NOT hold class unless otherwise notified:


Monday, Sept 3: Labor Day

Wednesday, Oct 3: Tag der deutschen Einheit

Monday, Oct 8: Columbus Day

Thursday, Nov 1: Allerheiligen

Monday, Nov 12: Veterans Day

Thursday, Nov 22: Thanksgiving Day

Monday, Dec 17 - Sunday, Jan 6: 

Christmas break

Monday, Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day

Monday, Feb 19: President's Day

Friday, 19 April: Karfreitag

Monday, 22 April: Ostermontag

Wednesday, May 1: Tag der Arbeit

Monday, May 27: Memorial Day   

Thursday, May 30: Christi Himmelfahrt

Monday, June 10: Pfingstmontag

Thursday, June 20: Fronleichnam

Thursday, July 4: Independence Day

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Please note: All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE as soon as the semester has started. All prices listed below are for in-studio CASH (Euro) payments. 

Fees for Dance, Yoga and Pilates          

1class/week: 180 Euros per semester (5 months)

2 classes/week: 310 Euro per semester (5 months)

3 classes/week: 400 Euro per semester (5 months) 

Unlimited: 450 Euro for all dance classes per semester

Drop In Class: 13 Euros

First Try Out Class in Dance is Free





Other Fees

Costume and Production Fee:
60 Euros per dance for children
70 Euros per dance for adults
120 Euros for soloist costumes

(late fees: 10 Euros)

Soloist Rehearsal Fee: 10 Euros per hour

Tickets for Performance: 12 Euros per seat 

Private Lessons:
60 Min Lesson- 50 Euros