Please note all American & German Holidays in which we will NOT hold class unless otherwise notified:


Monday, Sept 3: Labor Day

Wednesday, Oct 3: Tag der deutschen Einheit

Monday, Oct 9: Columbus Day

Tuesday, Oct 31: Reformationstag

Wednesday, Nov 1: Allerheiligen 

Friday, Nov 10: Veterans Day

Thursday, Nov 23: Thanksgiving Day

Monday, Dec 25: Christmas 

Tuesday, Dec 26: Christmas

Thursday, Dec 31: New Year's Eve

Monday, Jan 1: New Year's Day

Monday, Jan 15: Martin Luther King Day

Monday, Feb 19: President's Day

Friday, March 30: Karfreitag

Monday, April 2: Ostermontag

Monday, May 1: Tag der Arbeit

Thursday, May 10: Christi Himmelfahrt

Monday, May 25: Pfingstmontag 

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day   

Thursday, May 31: Fronleichnam 

Wednesday, July 4: Independence Day


Ticket Sale for the Nutcracker is on 1 November from 3 - 7 pm at the studio. Each seat is 12 Euros.

The Nutcracker: December 14 and 20 at 6:30 pm at the Haus des Bürgers in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Am Neuen Markt 4.




Please Note: All prices listed below are for in-studio CASH payments. The prices in our online store are slightly higher to accommodate transaction fees. You are welcome to purchase online at the set price or pay cash in studio for the prices listed below. Questions? We would love to hear from you!

Semester Fees (5 months)

1class/week: 160 Euro  (8 Euros per class)

2 classes/week: 280 Euro  (7 Euros per class)

3 classes/week: 360 Euro  (6 Euros per class) 

Unlimited: 450 Euro for ALL Dance, Yoga and German classes (less than 5 Euros per class)

Class Fees

First Class- FREE!

Drop In Class- 10 Euro

10 Class Punch Card- 90 Euro (9 Euro per class)

Monthly Yoga Unlimited Pass:  40 Euro

Other Fees

Costume and Production fee:
60 Euros per dance for child sizes
70 Euros per dance for adult sizes
(late fee 10 Euros) 

Tickets for Performance: 12 Euros per seat 

Private Lessons
60 Min Lesson- 35 Euro
90 Min Lesson- 50 Euro