We offer dance, yoga and German Language classes for all ages and levels. Please see our class descriptions below and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

**Please note: The ages listed for each class are a guideline and we reserve the right to place students in the class we see best fit. We want ALL of our students to feel challenged, but not frustrated, so we work very hard to properly place each student. This also means that the same level of class may be repeated for a few years to master the technique required to move up! Unlike school, students should not expect to "move up" to the next level each year. Not sure what level your dancer should be in or are curious about moving to the next level? Jenny and/or your students' instructor would love to chat with you about it! 


Mom & Me Ballet (1.5+)

w/ Miss Jenny

A creative dance class for parents and children ages 18 months – 3 years exploring imaginary play with scarves, bells and other props to fun songs while learning to love movement, music and expression. It is a great class for parent and children to bond and simultaneously play, learn and grow together. There is no dress code for Mom&Me ballet but leotard, tights and ballet slippers can be introduced.


Pre-Ballet (3+)

w/ Miss Jenny / Miss Mauriella / Miss Missy

This program is a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduces children to music and movement through a structured progression that emphasizes creativity and group interaction. Overall emphasis is on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythm, musical counting, self-confidence, muscle isolation and development, taking turns and following directions. Students will be exposed to multiple movements and musical styles. There is no dress code for preballet but leotard, tights and ballet slippers can be introduced

Ballet/Tap Combo (4+)

w/ Miss Marissa / Miss Missy

Students age 4+ (with or without previous dance experience) can take this combination ballet and tap class. During class we will focus on stretching, learning spacial awareness through ballet movements, basic ballet technique as well as beginning tap technique, movements and choreography. Attire- ballet leotard and tights. Skirt optional. Ballet & Tap shoes.

Boys Ballet (6+)


w/ Miss Jenny/ Miss Missy

This class focuses on strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, good posture and ballet steps that are necessary for male dancers. In ballet, you train to become an athlete and artist at the same time. The instructors not only have many years of experience in ballet but also a strong background in gymnastics, yoga and pilates that will help build a well rounded dancer.

Ballet Classes

Ballet I-VI


Level I - VI will focus on artistry, musicality, coordination, strength, flexibility and correct anatomical alignment. Dancers will begin with more simple ballet exercises to warm up and then build to more complex movement phrases. Over the course of the season, we will focus on the correct technical approach to ballet to improve skills and protect the body from injury. There will be an equal focus on
developing each students artistry and emphasis on the overall joy of dance.
Dress code: hair in bun, leotard, convertible tights, split sole slippers - no baggy clothes

Pointe (12+)

w/ MISS JENNY / Miss Katelyn

In pointe class, students learn how to dance on their “toes”. The training for pointe consists of strengthening and developing articulation in the feet, ankles, and legs. Students desiring to dance on pointe must be 12 years old (for pre-pointe, 11 years old) have a strong ballet foundation and good understanding of proper technique attained during a minimum of 2 years of ballet training. They should attend a minimum of 1 ballet class a week in addition to their pointe class, as pointe work requires tremendous strength of the ankles, feet and legs and is very demanding on the body. Students wishing to begin pointe require the approval of the instructor. 

Pas De Deux (12+)

w/ MIss Katelyn / Miss Jenny

Pas de Deux is French for "Step of Two" and is what partnering is called in ballet. By dancing with a partner the lady can jump higher, take positions she would never be able to on her own, and "float" about the stage as she is carried by her partner. A partner allows a man to extend his line and show off his strength. In pas de deux the man quite often does not stand in a balletic position or appear to be dancing at all. He can do this because the audience will almost always watch the lady. The man acts as a "third leg" for the lady by stabilizing, lifting, and turning her.

Adult Ballet

w/ Miss Jenny / Miss Missy

This class is designed for adults of all ages, shapes and sizes who have never danced before or took a long break from dancing. We focus on the fundamental ballet technique, good alignment, strength and flexibility and have an enormous amount of fun learning small choreographies in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 


Jazz/Tap Combo (5+)

w/ Miss Marissa

In this class beginning students will learn the fundamentals of Jazz technique including a warm up and choreography combinations. The last 15 minutes of class will be spent working on learning basic tap movements both stationary and moving across the floor. Attire: Leotard with either tights & shorts or jazz pants or capris. Jazz & Tap Shoes.

Intermediate Tap (8+)

w/ Miss Marissa

For students age 8+ with at least some previous exposure to tap technique. We will warm up our entire bodies starting with the feet and learn tap technique both stationary and moving across the floor. Each class will finish with choreography practice stringing our learned tap movements together. Attire: Leotard or athletic shirt with shorts, capris or snug fitting dance pants. Tap Shoes.

Beg/Int. Jazz (9+)

w/ Miss Marissa

Whether you are new to Jazz or have taken a few years, we will all join together in this multi-level upbeat and engaging Jazz class learning basic Jazz technique mixed with contemporary choreography. Kicks, turns, leaps and more! Attire: Leotard or athletic shirt with shorts, capris or snug fitting dance pants. Jazz shoes.

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Int/Adv. Jazz (9+)

w/ Miss Marissa

For students with previous jazz experience at least at an intermediate level. Each class begins with a warm up, technique practiced across the floor (Various styles of leaps, battements, piroeuttes and more) and finishes with a contemporary choreographed combination. Fast paced and challenging, this is our most advanced Jazz technique class. Attire: Athletic shirt/tank top with tight fitting shorts, capris, or pants. Jazz shoes.


Rhythmic Gymnastics (8+)

w/ Miss Missy

Rhythmic Gymnastics classes combine elements of ballet, dance, and gymnastics, and use of apparatus (clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, and rope) for artistic expression.

Acro Dance (5+)

w/ Miss Mauriella

Acro Dance combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements. Acro classes include flexibility and conditioning exercises, mixed with gymnastic elements, to create strong and versatile dancers. 

Ballroom (10+)

w/ Mr. Jonathan & Miss Jenny

Our ballroom class is a light, fun entrance into couples dancing with a strong emphasis on lead-and-follow technique. We make our way through the dances one by one in 4- to 6-week blocks. Over time, we'll pass through all the top dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Quickstep, Rumba, and more. We don't follow a strict syllabus, and we won't turn you into a competitive, international ballroom dance sensation. We will teach you how to have a good time 6 to 12 inches from another consenting human. We'll also teach you a thing or two about couples communication. Our only goal is for you to come out and have a fun evening together with us. Stop by, and we'll figure out the rest from there.

Swing Dance Club (10+)

w/ Mr. Jonathan & Miss Jenny

A new addition this semester, we're opening up Kaiserslautern's new home for all things Swing Dance. Each Friday night, we'll be offering an hour of mixed-level instruction followed by an open jam for anyone with a pulse in their chest and a skip in their step. East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jive, Jitterbug, Rock Fox, Boogie Woogie ... bring your passion. We'll provide the instruction and your new home away from home. Hope to see you there!


Musical Theater (10+)

w/ Miss Marissa

This fun upbeat class combines theater with dance! Similar to Jazz, and sometimes combining tap into the mix, enjoy learning choreography to some of your favorite Broadway show tunes! Teens and adults welcome, no previous experience needed. Attire: comfortable, tight fitting dance clothes. Either Jazz or Character shoes + tap shoes (if you have them!)

Hip Hop (10+)

w/ Mr. Thomas

Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you!
In this class students will learn basic hip hop moves of various styles and combine them to more complex routines. Hip Hop requires strength, stamina and precision. Therefore each lesson starts with a warm-up and stretching to get ready for the choreoraphy. Teens and adults are welcome, no previous experience needed. Attire: comfortable dance clothes and sneakers.

Modern Dance (10+)

w/ Miss Katelyn

Modern focuses on elements of dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing, balance and contraction/release. It contains naturally ergonomic movements and that's why beginners advance fairly fast. The techniques used are mostly Limon, mixed with Graham, Cunningham, Horton etc. Modern Dance allows students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes. All levels are welcome. Advanced Modern Dancers can also join our Dance Company via audition and perform more often. The class includes a warm up, floor work, across the floor, and choreography work at the end of class Attire: :comfortable sports clothes, barefoot, foot undeez or socks.

Theatre Masterclasses

w/ Miss Amy

Once a month, we hold a 3 hour Theatre Masterclass where students can improve their performing skills. Each Masterclass includes a specific subject like stage make-up, comedy, stage combat, auditioning, acting in ballet, etc. Check our Upcoming Events Page to see which workshop is coming up!


Vinyasa Yoga

w/ Miss Marissa

An upbeat paced class for all levels. Modifications are offered for new yogis to make postures easier, and for more seasoned students, to make postures more challenging. Listen to YOUR body and make your practice your own. Class begins by finding your breath and spending a few minutes in meditation, followed by a few Sun Salutations, the Warrior Series and some play time for balance postures and inversions. All are welcome- we would love to see you on your mat! Attire: comfortable, snug-fitting clothing. No shoes necessary.


Gentle Yoga

w/ Miss Jenny/ Miss Macy

Students of all experience levels are welcome to this slower-paced, stress-relieving yoga class. Gentle Yoga incorporates aspects of Yin yoga with other Restorative and Hatha yoga postures. This calming class will gradually increase strength, flexibility, and awareness of the body. All asanas (poses) will be practiced with attention to breath and alignment. Attire: Comfortable, breathable clothing that won't restrain the body from stretching. No shoes necessary.

Ashtanga Yoga

w/ Miss Jackie

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of Yoga popularized in modern times by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The name Ashtanga Yoga means “8 limbs” in Sanskrit. It is a reference to the 8-part method of practice in the ancient text, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In Patanjali’s method, the practice of asana or postures is one part of a comprehensive discipline of  physical and mental training.

Pattabhi Jois taught a dynamic method of sequenced postures linked with breath and concentration techniques that aim to give practical experience of the 8-limbed method.


Yoga Workshops

w/ Miss Jackie / Miss Marissa

One Sunday a month, from 12-3 pm, we hold a Yoga workshop that focuses on a specific theme: Heart Openers, Inversions, Balance, Family Yoga, Yoga/Pilates, Meditation, etc...

The workshops are excellent if you would like to deepen your yoga practise and learn about different styles of yoga. Check out the schedule under Upcoming Events and add them to your calendar!


German 1

w/ Miss Jenny

Learn to speak German confidently! Starting with the basic and essential conversational phrases, we will work our way towards mastering grammar. Through listening, speaking, writing and reading, we will work towards better understanding of the German Language.

German 2

w/ Miss Jenny

Once you have mastered the content in German 1, advance with us as we continue to study the German language in more depth. Focusing on both conversation and more advanced grammar, this class will continue to develop our skills to become a confident German speaker.

Family German

w/ Miss Jenny

Parents and children age 6 and up can learn the German language together in an interactive and playful way. It is a conversational class that focuses on everyday dialogues. Games and crafts are part of this class as well.



Interested in private lessons in dance, yoga or German Language? We love working one-on-one with our students! Shoot us a message for more info!