Grace is the light of your soul.  Grace is a community where people can ignite their passion and let their soul shine. Our mission at Grace is to provide quality instruction, to help people grow, to bring joy to people, to instill values and create precious memories for a lifetime. We care about every student. Their well-being is our highest priority.



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Finding Grace Studio was one of the very most delightful gifts in moving to Germany. The thing we have appreciated the most is that they have found this perfect balance between artistic professionalism and keeping it just plain fun for the kids. The teachers seem to have a rare sensitivity to the dancers’ individual needs and goals.
— Lisa Cash, Ballet Parent
A few words about Grace....After a 22 year vacation from ballet, I found Grace Studio. I was warmly welcomed and in a very short time, the studio became my dance home. Instructors found the right class for me, and I was on my way to enjoying all the wonderful benefits dance has to offer. I have learned to be patient with my progress and I don’t compare myself to others. With some time and practice, I will be dancing to my heart’s desire in no time.
— Micah Smith, Ballet Student
Grace studio is a place for a close family of people from all over the world to share dance, education, and wellness. Jenny has made Grace studio an oasis for her students to have fun and feel comfortable. I remember when Grace studio was just a dream in Jenny’s imagination, so for me, the success of Grace studio is an inspiration that reminds me we can all make our dreams a reality.
— Noelle Picara, Yoga and Ballet student, piano player at Grace
I have been going to Sivananda Yoga and FemFusion for two years now at Grace Studio. I look forward to the classes every week because they have really helped me find balance in my life as well as exercise that I LOVE to do! Last Friday, I did my first unassisted headstand in yoga. This was a massive accomplishment for me considering that I started coming to Grace Studio with pretty bad neck problems and zero core strength. Yoga and Femfusion have helped me find balance, build core strength, and quiet my mind. Grace Studio provided me a place to heal with its calm and lovely environment and great teachers. Many, many thanks to Mandala, Bri, and Jenny for all their support. I will truly miss Grace when we move back to the U.S. next week.
— Erica Steele - Yoga Student
I have been taking classes from Jenny for a few years and love them. She is the best language teacher I have ever had. She is extremely knowledgable and friendly. She understands how difficult it is to learn another language and explains things in a clear and simple way. She makes every student feel welcome and comfortable. Her classes are a perfect combination of learning and fun. She never makes anyone feel badly for forgetting something or not knowing an answer . She works with each student to help them along and has more patience than imaginable. Besides being a fantastic teacher, she is a sweet friend and an amazing mother. She gives 110% to her classes. Her passion and devotion to teaching are evident from the first class. I will continue to take classes from Jenny for as long as we live here. They are a highlight of my week.
— Angela Burke - German Student
Ms Jenny, not only is one of the sweetest person I have met but she is beyond talented. Her patience working with small children is off the record. My daughter absolutely adores Ms Jenny and her pre-ballet class. Grace studio is a beautiful, well located and easy to find. I highly recommend Grace Studio and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Grace studio classes are fairly affordable too. My daughter will miss Ms Jenny’s class and I sure hope we will find a good studio that match Grace Studio’s qualifications and standards.
— Talita Springer, Pre-Ballet Parent
Grace Studio is a place that allows my daughter to grow and become a better dancer. She looks forward to every class. I love how the classes are a mixture of different ages and types of dancers. It is a place where every student has a chance to shine... Whether through incredible dance intensives that are offered throughout the year, dance recitals, or just during each class. The price is amazing and the teachers are friendly.
— Summer Gulickson, Jazz, Modern & Hip Hop Parent
Jenny is one of the most brilliant, inspiring women I know. I was introduced to her years ago (before Grace Studio) when I attended one of the many yoga classes she taught at Sembach, Ramstein, Vogelweh (& lord knows how many other places!)
I remember all of us students being nervous & excited for her opening the studio. Her dreams came true and the latest show of “Alice in Wonderland” is a reflection of her positivity and love she puts into this world. She deserves every bit of happiness and success!
— Michele Smith - Yoga Student
I have danced many years and I started when I was at the tender age of four. For me, dance is a form of art; an art that allows me to express my emotions through song and dance. Dance gives me an outlet not only to express my emotions, but an outlet for me to unwind and enjoy being in the moment of life and the beauty of my surroundings. Being a dancer at Grace Studio has helped me become the dancer that I am today. It’s a place where I feel loved and has become my second family. It’s a place that realizes the talent of each student and positively pushes them in the direction of becoming an even better dancer. It’s a place where students achieve things never thought possible. The teachers, past and present, are dedicated to every student and their passion of dance alone says enough. Grace Studio is a wonderful place to be. Studio Owner, Jenny Doyle has done an amazing job of not only building a business, but most importantly, creating a home for dancers to express themselves in an environment that is welcoming with open arms
— Diana French - ballet, jazz and modern dance student
I’m so glad we found Grace Studios. My teen daughter really struggled with leaving her beloved dance studio when we PCS’d here. Grace studios has inspired her to continue her passion and has brought joy into her life again. I see so much growth and development since she began dancing with Grace. Jenny and the teachers are all committed, caring and incredibly talented. I look forward to being a continued member of the GRACE family!
— Tasha Laboy, Dance Parent
We are so lucky to have found Grace Studio. My daughter has had the privilege of dancing at Grace for almost a year now and absolutely loves it! My daughter has grown so much as a dancer in the past year and that’s all thanks to Miss Jenny. Not only is Miss Jenny is an amazing instructor but you can tell she really puts her entire heart and soul into her studio and teaching her students. We’re looking forward to spending the next few years dancing at Grace Studio! ❤

Grace Studio
— April Torrey - Dance Parent
As an adult coming back to ballet after 10+ years away from the barre, Grace has been such a special place for me! The adult beginner class is really fun and welcoming for all ages/levels. I was intimidated to come back to ballet but that quickly dissolved once class started. I’m so grateful to Miss Jenny for providing an environment where people like me are taken seriously and not glossed over just because we aren’t aspiring to a dance career. I hope more adults will come out and try ballet!
— Caitlin Cribbs - Adult Ballet Student
I think one of the biggest things I most noticed and appreciated about Grace Studios is that there really is so much grace in a warm, friendly atmosphere with exceptional instruction. I danced as an adult beginner for just under a year during 2010-2011, then moved away and struggled to find another studio. Just recently these logistics changed for me and I was beyond pleasantly surprised to discover just how much of their training and expertise I had learned during those months at Grace, and also retained during the following 5 years away from a studio environment at all! They are as their name suggests... exceptional instruction and full of grace.
— Kristy Vairetta - Dance Parent and Adult Ballet Student
Jenny cares about all dancers finding their love of dance more than money or fame. She cares about each dancer individually. I can already see this even though my daughter is only in her second session with Grace Studio. She will be getting our money as long as we live in Germany. If you are looking for a loving environment where your child can confidently grow then I highly recommend this studio.
— Melanie Stuprich - Dance Parent
My three daughters and I have been taking classes at Grace Studio for two years now and we absolutely love it! My girls have improved their dancing skills tremendously while having fun at the same time. The owner Jenny is very loving, caring, understanding, patient and generous. A wonderful lady. Grace Studio has become more than a Dance Studio for us.
I can highly recommend this Studio!! There is really no place like Grace! Love it! Love it! Love it!
— Yasmin Helal-Barber - Dance Parent
My daughters, ages 4 and 5, have loved being a part of Grace Studio for the past year. Wonderful teachers have been so encouraging and supportive, fostering a love of dance that I did not expect. They’ve had the chance to be a part of performances and have created such priceless memories. Thank you Grace Studios and Miss Jenny!
— Anita Webb, Pre-Ballet Parent
Grace Studio is our favorite place to take dance! I have multiple kids registered in multiple classes and I really wish I could keep them at this studio their whole childhood! The teachers are amazing and passionate about what they do. The prices are SO affordable. For the skills they are learning, it is a BARGAIN! These are professional ballerinas and dancers, not just people looking for a job! I have been SO happy and so have my girls with their progression. We just completed our first recital with Grace and my whole family was so impressed by the professional show and how smoothly everything went. My only complaint is that I wish we would have signed up sooner!!! It is by and far the best studio in the area!!!
— Melissa Holbrook - Dance Parent
We were so lucky to have found Grace Studio. My daughter has had the privilege of dancing at Grace Studios for 2 years now (2015-2017) and she is so very sad to be leaving this summer. Prior to dancing at Grace, my daughter had never taken dance before. I’ve seen such grown in my daughter in these 2 years, all thanks to Miss Jenny and all the amazing instructors at Grace Studio. They’ve all been so patient with her and have always believed in her. In turn she has blossomed into a beautiful ballerina/tap dancer. Thank you Miss Jenny for putting your heart and soul into Grace Studio, your love of dancing and teaching is so evident.
— Keri DiSanto - Dance Parent
We love Grace Studio! My daughter has been attending pre-ballet classes for two semesters now and she just loves it, ballet class is always the highlight of her week. When she first started taking classes last year she was very shy and afraid to participate in class or interact with the other children, but Jenny has been so patient with her and really brought my daughter out of her shell and we’re so grateful!
— Krysta Spaans - Pre-Ballet Parent
As an adult male I was nervous about dancing. It was always something I had been interested in but never able to do while I was growing up. I decided last year to take the chance and I showed up for a class one day and absolutely fell in love with dance. Even when I was visibly nervous, the instructors were incredible and always encouraging, they have always been willing and more than happy to work extra with students our side of normal class hours. I have learned so much in the last year at Grace, and my only regret is that I wish I had started sooner!
Thank you Jenny for all you’ve done for me in the last year!
— Matt Downing - Male Ballet Student
My daughter has been attending Grace Studio for 3 years now. I myself started attendimg adult yoga classes and love it! Grace Studio truly offers the most flexible schedule on and off base. During our time at Grace my daughter has been challenged and inspired in so many ways by the countless role models and instructors Grace Studio provides. At Grace every child is encouraged to feel and love dance and movement, to appreciate and respect fellow dancers and themselves. While fun and inspiring atmospheres are the main drive behind Grace dance classes, as is the art, methods, and forms of dance. I have seen so many students thrive and become high achieving and performing dancers, going on to do more. Students have grown in method and theory and have become instructors as well which I as a parent love to see and support. Grace studio offers shows twice a year and many opportunties for students to audition and participte in these showd and other dance groups and competitions as well. Grace also has certified and well known French and German instructors, whom have trained in some of the best European schools, teaching weekend and summer supplemental workshop classes. What is wonderful about Grace is children grow to love dance, look up to youth and adult mentors, are challenged, are offerred exposure and method training with highly experienced instructors, and learn to value their own individual styles and develop self worth and self esteem in a safe yet thriving environment. My daughter continually talks about how when she grows up she wants to teach or assist at Grace Studio and be a part of the school that has brought her much fun and also skill. Grace is a school for all who truly love dance and performing. I have found no other school, and my daughter was in German dance for 2 years prior to attending Grace, that offers so many diverse times and classes and for a fair price. This studio has been a part of the military community for years and truly offers an experience worth investing in. The German/American partnership is a lovely experience and no other studio in town can match the intimate and caring nature of Grace Studio and all who work and teach there. If you want to invest in your child or yourself as a dancer or performer of the arts and more this is the studio to attend and become a part of. It truly offers a family settimg and tbe owners and instructors truly take time to care and get to know each student. Grace Studio offers everything from dance, to language classes, to yoga-mind and body develoomemt. Grace is the place to be!

Grace Studio
— DeAnna Geremia-Friebe - Dance Parent and Yoga Student